Tên tiếng Việt                                                             Tên tiếng Anh                


Acarbose                                                                      Acarbose

Acetazolamid                                                               Acetazolamide

Acetylcystein                                                                Acetylcysteine

Aciclovir                                                                        Aciclovir

Acid acetylsalicylic                                                        Acetylsalicylic acid

Acid ascorbic (vitamin C)                                              Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Acid boric                                                                     Boric acid

Acid chenodeoxycholic                                                 Chenodeoxycholic acid

Acid ethacrynic                                                             Ethacrynic acid

Acid folic                                                                       Folic acid

Acid iopanoic                                                                Iopanoic acid

Acid nalidixic                                                                 Nalidixic acid

Acid pantothenic                                                          Pantothenic acid

Acid para – aminobenzoic                                            Para – aminobenzoic acid

Acid salicylic                                                                 Salicylic acid

Acid tranexamic                                                            Tranexamic acid

Acid valproic                                                                 Valproic acid

Adenosin                                                                      Adenosine

Albendazol                                                                   Albendazol

Albumin                                                                        Albumin

Alcuronium clorid                                                          Alcuronium chloride

Aldesleukin                                                                  Aldesleukin

Alendronat natri                                                           Sodium alendronate

Alimemazin                                                                   Alimemazine

Alphatocoferol (vitamin E)                                            Alphatocoferol (vitamin E)

Alprazolam                                                                   Alprazolam

Alteplase                                                                      Alteplase

Amantadin                                                                   Amantadine

Ambroxol                                                                      Ambroxol

Amikacin                                                                       Amikacin

Amilorid hydroclorid                                                      Amiloride hydrochloride

Amiodaron                                                                   Amiodarone

Amitriptylin                                                                   Amitriptyline

Amlodipin                                                                     Amlodipine

Amoxicilin                                                                     Amoxicillin

Amoxicilin và clavulanat                                               Amoxicillin and clavulanate

Amphotericin B                                                             Amphotericin B

Ampicilin                                                                       Ampicillin

Ampicilin và sulbactam                                                 Ampicillin and sulbactam

Artemether                                                                  Artemether

Artemisinin                                                                   Artemisinin

Asparaginase                                                               Asparaginase

Atapulgit                                                                      Attapulgite

Atenolol                                                                       Atenolol

Atorvastatin                                                                 Atorvastatin

Atropin                                                                         Atropine

Azathioprin                                                                  Azathioprine

Azithromycin                                                                Azithromycin

Aztreonam                                                                   Aztreonam

Bacitracin                                                                     Bacitracin

Bạc sulfadiazin                                                             Silver sulfadiazine

Bari sulfat                                                                    Barium sulfate

Beclometason                                                              Beclometasone

Benazepril                                                                    Benazepril

Benzathin penicilin G                                                    Benzathine benzylpenicillin

Benzoyl peroxyd                                                          Benzoyl peroxide

Benzyl benzoat                                                            Benzyl benzoate

Benzylpenicilin                                                             Benzylpenicillin

Betamethason                                                             Betamethasone

Betaxolol                                                                      Betaxolol

Bezafibrat                                                                    Bezafibrate

Biotin                                                                           Biotin

Biperiden                                                                     Biperiden

Bisacodyl                                                                      Bisacodyl

Bismuth subcitrat                                                         Bismuth subcitrate

Bleomycin                                                                     Bleomycin

Bromocriptin                                                                 Bromocriptine

Budesonid                                                                    Budesonide

Bupivacain hydroclorid                                                 Bupivacaine hydrochloride

Buprenorphin                                                               Buprenorphine

Butylscopolamin                                                           Butylscopolamine

Calci clorid                                                                    Calcium chloride

Calcifediol                                                                    Calcifediol

Calci gluconat                                                              Calcium gluconate

Calcitonin                                                                     Calcitonin

Capreomycin                                                                Capreomycin

Captopril                                                                      Captopril

Carbamazepin                                                             Carbamazepine

Carbidopa – levodopa                                                 Carbidopa – levodopa

Carvedilol                                                                     Carvedilol

Cefaclor                                                                       Cefaclor

Cefadroxil                                                                    Cefadroxil

Cefalexin                                                                      Cefalexin

Cefalotin                                                                      Cefalotin

Cefamandol                                                                 Cefamandole

Cefapirin                                                                      Cefapirin

Cefazolin                                                                      Cefazolin

Cefepim                                                                       Cefepime

Cefoperazon                                                                Cefoperazone

Cefotaxim                                                                    Cefotaxime

Cefpirom                                                                      Cefpirome

Cefpodoxim                                                                  Cefpodoxime

Cefradin                                                                       Cefradine

Ceftazidim                                                                    Ceftazidime sodium

Ceftriaxon                                                                    Ceftriaxone

Cefuroxim                                                                    Cefuroxime

Cetirizin hydroclorid                                                     Cetirizine hydrochloride

Chorionic gonadotropin                                               Chorionic gonadotropin

Chymotrypsin                                                               Chymotrypsin

Ciclosporin                                                                   Ciclosporin

Cimetidin                                                                      Cimetidine

Cinarizin                                                                       Cinnarizine

Ciprofloxacin                                                                Ciprofloxacin

Cisaprid                                                                       Cisapride

Cisplatin                                                                       Cisplatin

Clarithromycin                                                              Clarithromycin

Clindamycin                                                                  Clindamycin

Clofazimin                                                                    Clofazimine

Clofibrat                                                                       Clofibrate

Clomiphen/clomifen                                                      Clomiphene/clomifene

Clomipramin hydroclorid                                               Clomipramine hydrochloride

Clonazepam                                                                 Clonazepam

Clonidin                                                                        Clonidine

Cloral hydrat                                                                Chloral hydrate

Cloramphenicol                                                            Chloramphenicol

Clorhexidin                                                                   Chlorhexidine

Cloroquin                                                                     Chloroquine

Clorothiazid                                                                 Chlorothiazide

Clorpheniramin maleat                                                 Chlorpheniramine maleate

(clorphenamin maleat)                                                 (chlorphenamine maleate)

Clorpromazin hydroclorid                                             Chlorpromazine hydrochloride

Clorpropamid                                                               Chlorpropamide

Clortalidon                                                                   Chlortalidone

Clotrimazol                                                                   Clotrimazole

Cloxacilin                                                                      Cloxacillin

Codein phosphat                                                         Codeine phosphate

Colchicin                                                                       Colchicine

Colistin                                                                         Colistin

Cotrimoxazol                                                                Cotrimoxazol

Cromolyn                                                                     Cromolyn

Cyanocobalamin và hydroxocobalamin                        Cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin

Cyclophosphamid                                                         Cyclophosphamide

Cycloserin                                                                    Cycloserine

Cytarabin                                                                     Cytarabine

Dacarbazin                                                                   Dacarbazine

Dactinomycin                                                                Dactinomycin

Dalteparin                                                                    Dalteparin

Dantrolen natri                                                            Dantrolene sodium

Dapson                                                                        Dapsone

Daunorubicin                                                                Daunorubicin

Deferoxamin                                                                Deferoxamine

Dehydroemetin                                                            Dehydroemetine

Desmopressin                                                              Desmopressin

Dexamethason                                                            Dexamethasone

Dextran 1                                                                     Dextran 1

Dextran 40                                                                   Dextran 40

Dextran 70                                                                   Dextran 70

Dextromethorphan                                                      Dextromethorphan

Dextropropoxyphen                                                     Dextropropoxyphene

Diatrizoat                                                                     Diatrizoate

Diazepam                                                                     Diazepam

Diclofenac                                                                    Diclofenac

Diethylcarbamazin                                                       Diethylcarbamazine

Diflunisal                                                                      Diflunisal

Digitoxin                                                                       Digitoxin

Digoxin                                                                         Digoxin

Dihydroergotamin                                                        Dihydroergotamine

Diloxanid                                                                      Diloxanide

Diltiazem                                                                      Diltiazem

Dimercaprol                                                                  Dimercaprol

Dinatri calci edetat                                                       Disodium calcium edetate

Diphenhydramin                                                           Diphenhydramine

Dipivefrin                                                                      Dipivefrine

Dipyridamol                                                                  Dipyridamole

Disopyramid                                                                 Disopyramide

Disulfiram                                                                     Disulfiram

Dithranol                                                                      Dithranol

Dobutamin                                                                   Dobutamine

Domperidon                                                                 Domperidone

Dopamin                                                                      Dopamine

Doxazosin                                                                    Doxazosin

Doxepin                                                                       Doxepin

Doxorubicin                                                                  Doxorubicin

Doxycyclin                                                                    Doxycycline

Econazol                                                                      Econazole

Enalapril                                                                       Enalapril

Ephedrin                                                                      Ephedrine

Epinephrin                                                                   Epinephrine

Ergometrin                                                                   Ergometrine

Ergotamin tartrat                                                         Ergotamine tartrate

Erythromycin                                                                Erythromycin

Erythropoietin                                                              Erythropoietin

Estradiol                                                                      Estradiol

Estramustin phosphat                                                 Estramustine phosphate

Estriol                                                                          Estriol

Estrogen liên hợp                                                        Conjugated estrogens

Estron                                                                          Estrone

Etamsylat                                                                     Etamsylate

Ethambutol                                                                  Ethambutol

Ether mê                                                                      Anaesthetic ether

Ethinylestradiol                                                            Ethinylestradiol

Ethionamid                                                                   Ethionamide

Ethosuximid                                                                 Ethosuximide

Etidronat dinatri                                                           Disodium etidronate

Etoposid                                                                      Etoposide

Famotidin                                                                     Famotidine

Fenofibrat                                                                    Fenofibrate

Fenoterol                                                                     Fenoterol

Fentanyl                                                                       Fentanyl

Filgrastim                                                                     Filgrastim

Flecainid                                                                       Flecainide

Flucloxacilin                                                                  Flucloxacillin

Fluconazol                                                                    Fluconazole

Flucytosin                                                                     Flucytosine

Fludrocortison                                                              Fludrocortisone

Flumazenil                                                                    Flumazenil

Fluocinolon acetonid                                                    Fluocinolone acetonide

Fluorouracil                                                                  Fluorouracil

Fluoxetin                                                                      Fluoxetine

Fluphenazin                                                                 Fluphenazine

Flurazepam                                                                  Flurazepam

Fluticason propionat                                                    Fluticasone propionate

Fluvastatin                                                                   Fluvastatin

Folinat calci                                                                  Calcium folinate

Follitropin alpha                                                           Follitropin alpha

Follitropin beta                                                             Follitropin beta

Formoterol                                                                   Formoterol

Foscarnet natri                                                            Foscarnet sodium

Furosemid                                                                    Furosemide

Galamin                                                                        Gallamine

Gali nitrat                                                                     Gallium nitrate

Ganciclovir                                                                    Ganciclovir

Gemfibrozil                                                                   Gemfibrozil

Gentamicin                                                                   Gentamicin

Giải độc tố uốn ván hấp phụ                                        Adsorbed Tetanus Vaccine

(vaccin uốn ván)

Glibenclamid                                                                 Glibenclamide

Gliclazid                                                                        Gliclazide

Glipizid                                                                         Glipizide

Globulin miễn dịch chống uốn ván

và huyết thanh chống uốn ván                                  Tetanus Immunoglobulin and tetanus antitoxin serum

Globulin miễn dịch kháng dại và

huyết thanh kháng dại Pasteur                                   Rabies immunoglobulin and Pasteur antirabies serum

Globulin miễn dịch kháng viêm gan B                           Hepatitis B                                                                                     immunoglobulin

Globulin miễn dịch tiêm bắp                                         Immunoglobulin IM

Globulin miễn dịch tiêm tĩnh mạch                                Immunoglobulin IV

Glucagon                                                                      Glucagon

Glucose                                                                        Glucose

Glutethimid                                                                  Glutethimide

Glycerol                                                                        Glycerol

Glyceryl trinitrat                                                           Glyceryl trinitrate

Glycin                                                                           Glycine

Gonadorelin                                                                 Gonadorelin

Goserelin                                                                     Goserelin

Griseofulvin                                                                  Griseofulvin

Guanethidin                                                                 Guanethidine

Haloperidol                                                                  Haloperidol

Halothan                                                                      Halothane

Heparin                                                                        Heparin

Histrelin                                                                       Histrelin

Homatropin hydrobromid                                             Homatropine hydrobromide

Human menopausal gonadotropin                               Human menopausal gonadotropin

Hyaluronidase                                                              Hyaluronidase

Hydralazin                                                                    Hydralazine

Hydroclorothiazid                                                         Hydrochlorothiazide

Hydrocortison                                                              Hydrocortisone

Hydrogen peroxid                                                        Hydrocortisone

Hydroxyzin (hydroclorid và pamoat)                            Hydroxyzine (hydrochloride and pamoate)

Ibuprofen                                                                     Ibuprofen

Idarubicin                                                                     Idarubicin

Idoxuridin                                                                    Idoxuridine

Ifosfamid                                                                      Ifosfamide

Imipenem và thuốc ức chế enzym                                Imipenem and enzyme inhibitor

Imipramin                                                                     Imipramine

Indapamid                                                                   Indapamide

Indinavir sulfat                                                             Indinavir sulphate

Indomethacin                                                               Indomethacin

Insulin                                                                          Insulin

Inteferon alfa                                                               Interferon alfa

Inteferon beta                                                             Interferon beta

Intralipid                                                                      Intralipid

Iodamid meglumin                                                       Meglumine iodamide

Iohexol                                                                        Iohexol

Ipratropium bromid                                                      Ipratropium bromide

Isofluran                                                                      Isoflurane

Isoniazid                                                                      Isoniazid

Isoprenalin                                                                  Isoprenaline

Isosorbid                                                                     Isosorbide

Isosorbid dinitrat                                                         Isosorbide dinitrate

Isradipin                                                                      Isradipine

Itraconazol                                                                  Itraconazole

Ivermectin                                                                    Ivermectin

Kali clorid                                                                     Potassium chloride

Kali iodid                                                                      Potassium iodide

Kanamycin                                                                   Kanamycin

Ketamin                                                                       Ketamine

Ketoconazol                                                                 Ketoconazole

Ketoprofen                                                                   Ketoprofen

Ketorolac                                                                     Ketorolac

Kẽm oxyd                                                                     Zinc oxide

Kháng độc tố bạch hầu                                                Diphtheria antitoxin

Labetalol hydroclorid                                                   Labetalol hydrochloride

Lactulose                                                                     Lactulose

Lamivudin                                                                    Lamivudine

Lansoprazol                                                                 Lansoprazole

Leuprorelin                                                                  Leuprorelin

Levodopa                                                                     Levodopa

Levomepromazin                                                         Levomepromazine

Levonorgestrel (cấy dưới da)                                       Levonorgestrel (subcutaneousimplants)

Levonorgestrel (đặt trong tử cung)                             Levonorgestrel (intra-uterineimplants)

Levonorgestrel (viên uống)                                         Levonorgestrel (oral tablets)

Levothyroxin                                                                Levothyroxine

Lidocain                                                                       Lidocaine

Lincomycin hydroclorid                                                 Lincomycin hydrochloride

Liothyronin                                                                   Liothyronine

Lisinopril                                                                      Lisinopril

Lithi carbonat                                                               Lithium carbonate

Lomustin                                                                      Lomustine

Loperamid                                                                    Loperamide

Loratadin                                                                     Loratadine

Lorazepam                                                                   Lorazepam

Losartan                                                                      Losartan

Lovastatin                                                                    Lovastatin

Magnesi carbonat                                                        Magnesium carbonate

Magnesi hydroxyd                                                        Magnesium hydroxide

Magnesi oxyd                                                               Magnesium oxide

Magnesi trisilicat                                                          Magnesium trisilicate

Manitol                                                                         Mannitol

Mebendazol                                                                 Mebendazole

Medroxyprogesteron acetat                                        Medroxyprogesterone acetate

Mefloquin                                                                     Mefloquine

Megestrol acetat                                                          Megestrol acetate

Melphalan                                                                    Melphalan

Mepivacain                                                                   Mepivacaine

Mercaptopurin                                                              Mercaptopurine

Mesalazin                                                                     Mesalazine

Mesna                                                                          Mesna

Metformin                                                                     Metformin

Methionin                                                                     Methionine

Methotrexat                                                                 Methotrexate

Methyldopa                                                                  Methyldopa

Methylprednisolon                                                       Methylprednisolone

Metoclopramid                                                             Metoclopramide

Metoprolol                                                                    Metoprolol

Metrifonat                                                                    Metrifonate

Metronidazol                                                                Metronidazole

Mexiletin hydroclorid                                                    Mexiletine hydrochloride

Miconazol                                                                     Miconazole

Midazolam                                                                    Midazolam

Misoprostol                                                                  Misoprostol

Morphin                                                                        Morphine

Nadolol                                                                        Nadolol

Nafarelin                                                                      Nafarelin

Naloxon                                                                       Naloxone

Natri bicarbonat                                                           Sodium bicarbonate

Natri clorid                                                                   Sodium chloride

Natri nitrit                                                                    Sodium nitrite

Natri nitroprusiat                                                         Sodium nitroprussiate

Natri picosulfat                                                             Sodium picosulphate

Natri thiosulfat                                                             Sodium thiosulphate

Neomycin                                                                     Neomycin

Neostigmin                                                                   Neostigmine

Nhôm hydroxyd                                                            Aluminium hydroxide

Nhôm phosphat                                                           Aluminium phosphate

Nhựa podophylum                                                        Podophyllum – resin

Nicardipin                                                                     Nicardipine

Niclosamid                                                                    Niclosamide

Nicotinamid                                                                  Nicotinamide

Nifedipin                                                                       Nifedipine

Nimodipin                                                                     Nimodipine

Nitrofurantoin                                                              Nitrofurantoin

Noradrenalin                                                                Noradrenaline

Norethisteron và norethisteron acetat                        Norethisterone and norethisterone acetate

Norfloxacin                                                                   Norfloxacin

Nystatin                                                                       Nystatin

Ofloxacin                                                                      Ofloxacin

Omeprazol                                                                   Omeprazole

Ondansetron                                                               Ondansetron

Oxacilin natri                                                                Oxacillin sodium

Oxamniquin                                                                  Oxamniquine

Oxybenzon                                                                  Oxybenzone

Oxymetazolin hydroclorid                                             Oxymetazoline hydrochloride

Oxytetracyclin                                                              Oxytetracycline

Oxytocin                                                                       Oxytocin

Paclitaxel                                                                     Paclitaxel

Pamidronat                                                                  Pamidronate

Pancrelipase                                                                Pancrelipase

Pancuronium                                                                Pancuronium

Papaverin                                                                    Papaverine

Paracetamol                                                                 Paracetamol

Parafin lỏng                                                                 Liquid paraffin

Penicilamin                                                                   Penicillamine

Perindopril                                                                   Perindopril

Pethidin hydroclorid                                                     Pethidine hydrochloride

Phenobarbital                                                              Phenobarbital

Phenoxymethylpenicilin                                                Phenoxymethylpenicillin

Phentolamin                                                                 Phentolamine

Phenytoin                                                                    Phenytoin

Phytomenadion                                                            Phytomenadione

Pilocarpin                                                                     Pilocarpine

Pipecuronium bromid                                                   Pipecuronium bromide

Piperacilin                                                                    Piperacillin

Piperazin                                                                      Piperazine

Piracetam                                                                     Piracetam

Piroxicam                                                                     Piroxicam

Polygelin                                                                      Polygeline

Polymyxin B                                                                  Polymyxin B

Povidon iod                                                                  Povidone iodine

Pravastatin                                                                  Pravastatin

Praziquantel                                                                Praziquantel

Prazosin                                                                       Prazosin

Prednisolon                                                                  Prednisolone

Primaquin                                                                     Primaquine

Procain penicilin                                                           Procaine penicillin

Procainamid hydroclorid                                               Procainamide hydrochloride

Procarbazin                                                                  Procarbazine

Progesteron                                                                 Progesterone

Proguanil                                                                     Proguanil

Promethazin hydroclorid                                              Promethazine hydrochloride

Propafenon                                                                  Propafenone

Propofol                                                                       Propofol

Propranolol                                                                  Propranolol

Propyliodon                                                                  Propyliodone

Propylthiouracil                                                            Propylthiouracil

Protamin sulfat                                                            Protamine sulphate

Pyrantel                                                                       Pyrantel

Pyrazinamid                                                                 Pyrazinamide

Pyridostigmin bromid                                                   Pyridostigmine bromide

Pyridoxin                                                                      Pyridoxine

Pyrimethamin                                                               Pyrimethamine

Quinin                                                                          Quinine

Ranitidin                                                                       Ranitidine

Reserpin                                                                      Reserpine

Retinol (vitamin A)                                                        Retinol (vitamin A)

Riboflavin                                                                     Riboflavin

Rifampicin                                                                     Rifampicin

Ringer lactat                                                                Ringer lactate

Risperidon                                                                    Risperidone

Roxithromycin                                                              Roxithromycin

Salbutamol (sử dụng trong

nội khoa hô hấp)                                                         Salbutamol (use in pneumology)

Salbutamol (sử dụng trong sản khoa)                         Salbutamol (use in obstetrics)

Sắt dextran                                                                  Ferrous dextran

Sắt (II) sulfat                                                               Ferrous sulfate

Selegilin                                                                       Selegiline

Selen sulfid                                                                  Selenium sulfide

Serum gonadotropin                                                    Serum gonadotropin

Simvastatin                                                                  Simvastatin

Sorbitol                                                                        Sorbitol

Sotalol                                                                         Sotalol

Spectinomycin                                                              Spectinomycin

Spiramycin                                                                   Spiramycin

Spironolacton                                                               Spironolactone

Streptokinase                                                              Streptokinase

Streptomycin                                                                Streptomycin

Sucralfat                                                                      Sucralfate

Sulfacetamid natri                                                        Sulfacetamide sodium

Sulfasalazin                                                                 Sulfasalazine

Suxamethonium                                                           Suxamethonium

Tamoxifen                                                                    Tamoxifen

Teicoplanin                                                                   Teicoplanin

Teniposid                                                                     Teniposide

Tenoxicam                                                                    Tenoxicam

Testosteron                                                                 Testosterone

Tetracyclin                                                                    Tetracycline

Than hoạt                                                                    Activated charcoal

Theophylin                                                                   Theophylline

Thiamin                                                                        Thiamine

Thiopental                                                                    Thiopental

Thuốc phiện                                                                 Opium

Thuốc uống bù nước và điện giải                                 Oral rehydration salts

Ticarcilin                                                                       Ticarcillin

Ticlopidin                                                                      Ticlopidine

Timolol                                                                         Timolol

Tinidazol                                                                      Tinidazole

Tioconazol                                                                    Tioconazole

Tobramycin                                                                  Tobramycin

Tolbutamid                                                                   Tolbutamide

Tretinoin (thuốc bôi)                                                    Tretinoin (topical)

Tretinoin (uống)                                                           Tretinoin (oral)

Triamcinolon                                                                 Triamcinolone

Triamteren                                                                   Triamterene

Trihexyphenidyl                                                            Trihexyphenidyl

Trimethoprim                                                                Trimethoprim

Triptorelin                                                                    Triptorelin

Tropicamid                                                                   Tropicamide

Tím gentian                                                                  Gentian violet

Urê                                                                               Urea

Urofollitropin                                                                Urofollitropin

Urokinase                                                                    Urokinase

Vaccin dại                                                                     Rabies vaccine

Vaccin bạch hầu – ho gà – uốn 

ván hấp phụ (vaccin DTP)                                            Diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis vaccine adsorbed

Vaccin bại liệt bất hoạt

( vaccin Salk, IPV)                                                        Poliomyelitis vaccine,inactivated (Salk vaccine, IPV)

Vaccin bại liệt uống                                                      Poliomyelitis vaccine, live (Oral)

Vaccin giải độc tố bạch hầu                                          Diphtheriae toxoid

Vaccin lao (BCG)                                                           BCG Vaccine

Vaccin liên hợp Haemophilus typ B                               Haemophilus-B-conjugate – Vaccine

Vaccin não mô cầu                                                       Meningococcal Polysaccharide vaccine

Vaccin rubella                                                               Rubella virus Vaccine, Live

Vaccin sởi                                                                     Measles virus Vaccine, Live

Vaccin sốt vàng                                                            Yellow Fever Vaccine

Vaccin tả                                                                      Cholera Vaccine

Vaccin tam liên sởi, quai bị và rubella                          Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine, Live

Vaccin thương hàn                                                       Typhoid Vaccine

Vaccin viêm gan B                                                        Hepatitis B Vaccine

Vaccin viêm não Nhật Bản                                            Japanese encephalitis virus Vaccine

Vancomycin                                                                  Vancomycin

Vasopressin                                                                 Vasopressin

Vecuronium                                                                  Vecuronium

Verapamil                                                                     Verapamil

Vinblastin                                                                     Vinblastine

Vincristin                                                                      Vincristine

Vitamin D                                                                     Vitamin D

Warfarin                                                                       Warfarin

Xanh methylen                                                             Methylene blue

Zidovudin                                                                     Zidovudine